Governments Enabled with IPv6

In the framework of the “Governments Enabled with IPv6” (GEN6) European project, the workshop “IPv6 for innovative government and public services” took place, on April 21st, hosted by GRNET.

The workshop was a success with all major Greek IPv6 shareholders participating and some of them giving presentations. In addition to the GEN6 partners from Fraunhoffer FOKUS, the Czech republic CZ.NIC Association, GRNET, CTI and Intelen S.A, also the Greek regulator (EETT), all public administration networks (SYZEFXIS, GRNET, GSN), the major telecom operators (OTE, FORTHNET), the major Universities (NTUA, UPatras, UPeiraias), vendors, and selected companies on IoT and IPv6/cloud were present, as well as experts from the National IPv6 Task force and others.

The conclusion was that IPv6 is currently taking up in Greece with an almost 4-fold increase (to 8.3%) in IPv6 traffic happening in the last year.

A new organization (GRNOC) was also launched during the workshop to promote the collaboration of Greek Network Operators on IPv6 and other issues.