GRNET and the Acropolis Restoration Service offer free wi-fi access at the archaeological site of Acropolis via the eduroam service

eduroam, the world-wide roaming access service that enables secure Internet access for students and researchers around the world, is now available at the archaeological site of Acropolis, as a result of the collaboration between GRNET and the Acropolis Restoration Service.
eduroam is provided by GÉANT, the leading community collaboration on network and related infrastructure and services for the benefit of research and education. eduroam offers its users easy and secure wireless access to digital services, simply by using the single identity which is provided by their home institution. eduroam uses secure authentication of user data to provide strong access security.
This initiative addresses the immense needs for internet connectivity of young visitors who are members of the research and education community and are equipped with Wi-Fi capable devices. Furthermore, it sets the framework for the development of web applications for personalized navigation and information provision related to the monument.