Προοπτικές καριέρας

GRNET operates a plethora of innovative services provided to hundreds of thousands of users. Our demanding ecosystem led to the expansion of our infrastructure to three brand new data-centers resulting in an immense need for talented collaborators in one of the following areas:

  • system administrators,
  • developers,

who are enthusiastic with new technologies, keen on becoming members of a well established team, eager to get involved in innovative services and infrastructures.

Summary of open calls:

Trust & Identity Operations Engineer

As a T&I engineer you will be involved in operations for relevant services provided by GRNET: DELOS (GRNET AAI) federation and eduGAIN inter-federation services, eduroam and PKI services offered by GRNET through various collaborations. You will be mainly tasked with operations, however continuous improvement of these services also entails developing new tools and deploying new services. As you will be following developments in the area of identity and access management there will also be plenty of opportunities to be involved in relevant projects, as time permits.

TECHNICAL SKILLS (elaborate in your cover letter on at least two of the following points):

  • Practical experience with SAML: Do you understand SAML protocols? Do you have any experience (configuration, troubleshooting) with Shibboleth IdP/SP? SimpleSAMLphp? Other SAML products/libraries?
  • Working with XML: Have you used any command-line tools or python lxml to validate/manipulate XML documents? Any experience with XML signatures?
  • LDAP: What is your experience with OpenLDAP? Active Directory? Any other identity management technologies or products?
  • X.509 and TLS: Do you understand TLS protocols? Can you work with OpenSSL or similar suites for common tasks? Any prior experience with PKI services?
  • EAP/RADIUS: What is your experience with FreeRADIUS? What is your understanding of 802.1X?
  • Sysadmin skills: Can you hack shell scripts? Have you used monitoring/log processing systems?
  • Development skills: Do you understand python or OO PHP code? Can you fix bugs or refactor code? Are you comfortable with git?
  • Web technologies: Have you worked with HTML/CSS? What about Javascript?


  • Technical documentation: How are your writing skills, in English and in Greek? Are you comfortable with writing technical documentation?
  • Do you have any exposure to OpenID Connect? Any other relevant technologies you deem promising?


  • Some familiarity with configuration management tools such as Puppet and Ansible


  • Responsible and reliable
  • Attention to detail
  • Organization: You will be tracking a large number of issues and tasks, with varying urgency and priority. Are you organized and efficient enough to handle such work at scale?
  • Communication: You will be guiding and consulting organizations who deploy services relevant to federation. Do you feel confident and are you patient enough to handle this?

SKILL CHECK (please address this in your cover letter and be prepared to elaborate during an interview):

  • Tell us a story of an issue you discovered and addressed in some identity management system or service, and why you think it was interesting.


  • Travel budget for conferences
  • Parking space and lunch

Send your CV and cover letter to vacancies at noc.grnet.gr.

Sysadmin Team

You can become part of our team and get involved in:

  • Maintaining and expanding virtualization solutions like ViMa and ~okeanos which are currently hosting more than 10.000 VMs and are based on Google’s Ganeti software as well as our home-grown web management software (ganetimgr, synnefo) written in Python Django.
  • Automating all the things! We extensively use Puppet, with a codebase of more than 200Klocs of Puppet code and configuration files. Help us make it to 500K!
  • Saving the world by implementing scalable, fault-tolerant, highly available solutions for web applications that reach hundreds of thousands of users.
  • Expanding our monitoring infrastructure. You can’t fix a problem until you notice that it exists, so help us find and solve problems faster and more accurately.
  • Debugging complicated networking issues. If you like to get your hands dirty, you’ll have the chance to solve new problems every day along with our team of highly experienced network engineers.
  • Operating DNS and mail infrastructure using combination of software like Bind9/Unbound/PowerDNS and Postfix/Exim4 respectively.
  • Operating traditional storage solutions from EMC and NetApp or even managing and expanding distributed storage solutions based on Ceph and serving petabytes of data to our clients.

Junior Sysadmin

As a Junior sysadmin you need to be able to follow directions by more senior members of the team guiding and training you along the way. You will be mostly involved in addressing various day-to-day operational issues so your ability to learn fast is crucial.

TECHNICAL SKILLS (include your experience with at least 2 of the following points in your cover letter):

  • Some involvement with Web Services: Setting up Apache2 or Nginx web servers. Do you have basic understanding of concepts like vhosts/HTTPS/static vs dynamic content?
  • Some experience with DNS Services: Have you ever setup bind or powerdns to host your own zone? Maybe a recursive name server like unbound?
  • Basic understanding of database concepts. Do you have any experience with MySQL or MariaDB or PostgreSQL installation/configuration?
  • Basic networking: Do you understand basic concepts of IP, TCP vs UDP? Are you familiar with CIDR subnetting? Can you use cli tools like ifconfig/route/arp,ip-{address,link,neighbor}, iptables to setup a server and basic firewalling rules?
  • Programming: Do you have any shell scripting or Python experience? Can you read/write/manipulate files using these programming languages? Have you ever automated anything using these scripts?
  • Monitoring: Have you ever used simple monitoring software like Munin, Monit or even Cacti?


  • Technology enthusiast
  • Fast learner
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Good verbal and written use of Greek and English Languages

SKILL CHECK (please address this in the cover letter and be prepared to elaborate during interview):

  • Tell us why you think GRNET is the right place for you to start your career.

BENEFITS (may be offered in the context of a permanent collaboration):

  • Travel budget for conferences
  • Parking space and lunch
Apply by simply sending your CV and cover letter to vacancies at noc.grnet.gr.

System Engineer

As an System Engineer you’ll have to automate repetitive tasks, manage CI/CD pipelines for various application deployments on a daily basis, monitor hosts and services to identify performance issues, organize upgrades for hundreds of servers, improve security of infrastructure and applications, etc. You will also participate in the design and deployment of new services.

TECHNICAL SKILLS (significant experience with at least 2 of the following points):

  • Experience in supporting LAMP stack? What’s the largest installation/web application you have installed/managed? What tools did you use?
  • Reverse proxying/load balancing with nginx or HAproxy? Any experience with Varnish?
  • Databases: MySQL or PostgreSQL replication? What kind of replication and why?
  • Virtualization: KVM or Xen (libvirt or proxmox or Ganeti)? Do you know OpenStack maybe? What kind of services have you deployed on your virtualization platform? How did you manage or monitor those VMs?
  • Configuration Management: Puppet or Chef or Salt or Ansible or Bosh or anything else that does the same job.
  • Programming: Can you write scripts in Python or Ruby? Have you used these languages to automate tasks?
  • Server Backups: Backupninja or attic or Duplicity or Bacula? Have you taken backups of databases? Have you tried restoring the backups?
  • Solid Linux networking experience: firewalling, VPN setups with multiple interfaces (IPv4/IPv6), sysctl tuning. Do you know how to use Tcpdump/Wireshark to debug networking problems?
  • Monitoring systems: Any experience in Nagios or Icinga or Zabbix or Sensu or anything else that can scale to more than a couple of hosts?


  • Any involvement with storage technologies (NFS,iSCSI,FC)? Distributed storage like Rados/Ceph maybe?
  • Familiarity with IPv6 ?
  • Experience with graphing/metrics/logging: Collectd or Graphite or Grafana or InfluxDB or Prometheus or OpenTSDB or ELK ?
  • Experience with ticketing systems/collaboration platforms. How did you cooperate so far with the teams you were a member of ?
  • An open repository (Github) account hosting your work would be very positively considered.


  • Responsible and reliable
  • Fast learner
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Creative problem solving

SKILL CHECK (please address this in the cover letter and be prepared to elaborate during interview):

  • Tell us a story where you fixed an interesting engineering problem.

BENEFITS (may be offered in the context of a permanent collaboration):

  • Travel budget for conferences
  • Parking space and lunch
Apply by simply sending your CV and cover letter to vacancies at noc.grnet.gr.