GN4-2 - Accelerating research, driving innovation and enriching education

GRNET is an active member of GÉANT, Europe’s leading collaboration on network and related infrastructure and services for the benefit of research and education community, as well as a partner in GN4-2 project.
GN4-2 follows on GN1, GN2, GN3, GN3plus and GN4-1 projects, through which GÉANT has been established as a reliable, leading-edge, international research and academic high speed network that operates and coexists alongside national R & D Networks (NRENs) in Europe. The European scientific and research community of GÉANT enjoy the benefits of using the infrastructure and its services every day.

GN4-2 focuses on the development and operation of the pan-European research and academic infrastructure, as well as on the implementation and management of the services offered by GÉANT and the interconnected NRENs. It also includes a set of promotional actions for disseminating and enhancing the exploitation of the project results.