VI-SEEM project kick off: Virtual Research Environment for Regional Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Southeast Europe and Eastern Mediterranean

VI-SEEM, a three-year project that will unify the existing e-Infrastructures in South-east Europe and the Eastern Mediterranean (SEEM) in order to facilitate regional interdisciplinary collaboration among the scientific communities dealing with Life Sciences, Climatology and Digital Cultural Heritage, was launched this October. The project will create a Virtual Research Environment where scientists from these three fields will be able to carry out collaborative research by using adequate data storage, computing and visualization resources, as well as sharing data, software, and tools relevant for their work.
VI-SEEM is coordinated by GRNET and the consortium consists of 16 partners: lead institutes from the SEEM region, specializing in provision of scientific computing and storage resources, and scientific user support. VI-SEEM builds on the success of its predecessor e-Infrastructure projects that have been crucial for enabling high-quality research & ICT developments through the provision of networking and computational resources, application support and training, in both South East Europe and Eastern Mediterranean, and have supported the European vision of inclusive and smart growth, based on knowledge and innovation, enriching the European Research Area. The VI-SEEM partnership will continue to support top-quality scientific work by providing a unique integrated e-Infrastructure environment for the 3 target communities. Partners with expertise in data management lifecycle – including data storage, archiving, manipulation, collaborative access, common interfaces to storage, data annotation and citation, and metadata, will contribute to providing common data services for the Scientific Communities.
VI-SEEM will significantly leverage and strengthen the research capacities of user communities, thus improving research productivity and competitiveness on the pan-European level. Joining, sharing and exploiting the resources across the SEEM region in a common platform will ensure continuity and expansion of the available resources and services that will further propel excellence across the region.
The VI-SEEM project receives funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 675121.

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