Organizational Structure

Νational Infrastructures for Research and Technology  (GRNET S.A.)

The Organizational Structure of the Company comprises of Management BodiesSupporting Structures, and Directorates

Management Bodies

Management Bodies devise the Company strategy and take all final decisions.  They consist of the following:

1.1 General Assembly (GA)

1.2 Advisory Committee (AC)

1.3 Board of Directors (BoD)

1.4 Chairman of the Board of Directors

1.5 Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors

1.6 Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Detailed description of Management’s role here

The structures which horizontally support the operation of the Company are the following:

2.1 Directorates’ Task Coordination Team

2.2 Legal Department

2.3 Information and Network Security Officer

2.4 Partner Relations Office

2.5 Marketing and Communications Department

2.6 ΙCT Systems Architecture Officer

2.7 Data Protection Officer (DPO)

2.8 Secretariat of the General Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Advisory Committee

2.9 Chief Executive Officer’s Support Office

2.10 Chief Executive Officer’s Secretariat

Detailed description of the Company Supportive Structures’ role here

The Directorates responsible for implementing Company decisions and goals comprise of the following:

3.1 Directorate of Administrative Operations and Financial Management

3.2 Directorate of Research and Development

3.3 Directorate of Reliability Engineering (GRE)

3.4 Directorate of Information Systems and National Projects Management

3.5 Directorate of European and International Infrastructure Projects

3.6 Directorate of Digital Governance

3.7 Directorate of Digital Competencies

Detailed description of the Company Directorates’ role here

GRNET’s staff hold in the majority a PhD, Masters and University Degree title. The development and operation of GRNET infrastructures and services as well as the administrative and financial functions of the company are coordinated and supported by specialized staff with significant experience and know how in relevant areas. GRNET’s Human Capital constitutes the most valuable asset of the company, contributing substantially to the reinforcement of GRNET’s dynamic and continuous progress.

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