GRNET S.A. holds a key role as the coordinator of all matters regarding the provision and maintenance of national infrastructures for Education and Research, is the national representative for the research and technology community for European Union’s infrastructures and manages the Government Research and Education Cloud (RE-Cloud).

GRNET is one of the biggest enablers of technological progress and modernization of the country’s e-Infrastructures. Experienced professionals with years of experience and technology know how and expertise, conduct research in the areas of information systems, networks, computational services, and infrastructures, including the Open Science ecosystem. In this context, it coordinates, manages and supports a large number of national and European projects. Through international collaborations, and the coordination of European projects, it contributes substantially to the scientific and technological advancement in Greece and abroad, and creates opportunities for growth.

GRNET ensures access to national and international research and educational technological e-Infrastructures and services for users around the world via the use of Information and Communication Technologies. This creates the opportunity for mutually beneficial synergies amongst academic, research and educational communities. In addition, GRNET’s systematic cooperation with institutions, organizations and companies at national, European and international level is of strategic importance and contributes to technological progress, as it facilitates the exchange of know-how and best practices in the field of research and development.

It provides technological solutions to organizations with the aim to improve the daily work of hundreds of thousands of users in the fields of Public Administration, Education, Research, Health and Culture.


  • is the National Research and Education Network (NREN) provider for the Research & Education community in Greece. It provides international inter-connectivity through the pan-European GÉANT network;
  • coordinates, participates and implements a number of projects funded by national and European funds, with emphasis on national infrastructures advancement, designing and assisting in the adoption of digital governance, developing technological solutions enabling big data research purposes, developing artificial intelligence and machine learning strategy and solutions, leading initiatives on innovation and in the application of open science, developing strategies and services to strengthen citizen’s digital capabilities and skills enhancement and ensuring the implementation and the use of environmentally friendly infrastructures,
  • is a key e-Infrastructure and service provider and enabler for Open Science in Greece and leader in a coordinated effort for development of e-Infrastructures and services in Southeast Europe and the wider region. It is a core contributor to the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) service portfolio, fully committed to EOSC governance, Open Science and FAIR principles,
  • is strongly involved in Pan-European High-Performance Computing (HPC) Initiatives. GRNET has built and maintains ARIS (Advanced Research Information System) infrastructure, the Greek High Performance Computing System, providing HPC resources and services to the Greek and international scientific and research communities in order to conduct scientific research; It operates as an accredited Prace Training Center offering training for users of the supercomputer system for large research experiment applications,
  • is a core member of PRACE (pan-European HPC systems federation) and the flagship European Commission’s initiative EuroHPC (Joint Undertaking of Member States to coordinate efforts and share resources to deploy a world-class supercomputing infrastructure in Europe) and coordinates the National Competence Centre for High Performance Computing for Greece (EuroCC@Greece).  Furthermore, GRNET, representing Greece, participates in the European Leonardo consortium for the operation of a pre-exascale level supercomputer system within the framework of EuroHPC Joint Undertaking, providing research and innovation communities significant resources to assist in the development of new outcomes.
  • coordinates and operates a Network Operations Center (NOC), GRNET Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT), GRNET Federation for the Greek Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure, help desk to support inquiries of end users of infrastructures and digital services it offers.

Lately, GRNET, as a public sector company operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Digital Governance, has been entrusted to implement projects that serve the technological needs of digital governance and service provision transformation of Greek state.

More information about GRNET’s core activities, infrastructures and services can be found here

If you are interested to gain more insight into key projects that GRNET participates in or holds a key role as a coordinator, more details are listed below.

Digital Governance

Network infrastructures and services

Large Scale Computing Services

Open Science

Environmental Policy

ICT and Digital Content Infrastructures