Upgrade of ARIS – The National High Performance Computing System

Αναβάθμιση του εθνικού υπερυπολογιστή υψηλών επιδόσεων ARIS
Operational Program “Attica”, European Regional Development Fund

Since 2015, GRNET develops and operates the most powerful HPC system ARIS (Advanced Research Information System) in Greece, which supports large-scale scientific applications of the Research and Academic community.  The usage rate of ARIS reached 100% in a very short time since its launch, while the average annual use of its resources exceeds 94%.

The success of ARIS HPC system and the high response rate that it received from its users derive from:

  • The need of large computational power required by the scientific community in fields such as biochemistry, climatology, meteorology and fluid dynamics
  • The continued support and training provided by GRNET S.A. to research and academic institutions.
  • The lack of a similar HPC system in Greece

Based on the existing needs of the scientific community, which ARIS has been covering over the years of its successful operation, combined with the increasing domestic demand in computational power, GRNET S.A. will extend its existing HPC system through the “Upgrade of National HPC (Phase A)” Project.  More specifically, the Project includes the procurement and installation of additional high performance computing equipment at the Data Center located in the building of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

The project’s aim is to meet the existing and future needs for HPC power of research and academic institutions in the coming years.  Furthermore, it will be possible to meet the ever-increasing demand that already exceeds the current computational capabilities, serving a greater number of users than it does today. In addition, through the hardware upgrade, the same amount of computational power will be provided by less than half power consumption.

The upgrade of the HPC system, ARIS, will continue to support the scientific applications which have special requirements regarding the speed of executing calculations, the storage space and memory capacity in various scientific fields, continuing to constitute a powerful research tool for the Greek scientific community.

The “National HPC Upgrade (Phase A)” Project is part of the Operational Program “Attica” and the Priority Axis “Reinforcement of competitiveness, extroversion and transition to a quality entrepreneurship with focus on innovation and increase of national added value”.  The Project is co-funded by the Operational Program “Attica”, via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).  

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