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Greek Research and Technology Network

Our vision is the development of Research and Education in our country along with the equal involvement of our communities in the Pan European society of Knowledge.

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Network infrastructures and services

We utilize state-of-the-art networking technologies to offer advanced, high-speed interconnection services to the Greek research and education community.

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Hellenic High Performance Computing Infrastructure (HPC)

We offer to our R&E community a high performance computing system for the implementation of large-scale scientific applications.

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Large Scale Computing Services

We provide innovative public IaaS cloud services

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Infrastructures for enhancing the use of ICT and Access to Digital Content

We undertake initiatives for creating e-infrastructures and services that can facilitate organizing, describing and promoting digital content of educational, research, geospatial, environmental and cultural topics.

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Environmental Policy

We adopt and implement innovative "green" technologies in our networking and computing infrastructure in order to reduce the annual greenhouse gas emissions’ footprint.


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