GRNET and Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

Digital Transformation of the Public Administration

GRNET, holds a key role in designing advanced information systems and e-Infrastructures, and acts as an advisor to the Ministry of Digital Governance in design and implementation of Digital Transformation Strategy for the Greek Public Sector.  It analyses, specifies and supports the implementation of the objectives set within the ‘National Digital Transformation Strategy namely the ‘Bible’’ for the Public Sector.  The digital transformation is of high importance and it is implemented following a people-centric approach, for the first time on such a scale, in Greece.

GRNET utilises its experience and know-how, further conducts thorough analyses and studies, provides standard solutions achieving the interoperability amongst all Public Administration sector’s information systems, and contributes to the improvement of existing as well as the creation of new digital public services, for the benefit of citizens.

In parallel, GRNET invests in collaboration with teams of executives offering different scientific and professional expertise, while it is active in the production and application of flexible methodology analysis tools, organizes workshops and hackathons, develops specifications and implements medium-term and short-term activities on behalf of the Ministry of Digital Governance. Thus, it produces added value, contributing this way to the strengthening of the role of the Public Sector, aiming to improve service provision for citizens and businesses. It holds an active role in the design and operation of the Single Digital Portal, GOV.GR, the main portal utilized by all citizens and businesses wishing to access  public digital services. GOV.GR offers all digital services required to be accessed by citizens and businesses, when transacting with the State. incorporates the e-services of Ministries, Agencies, Organizations and Independent Public Authorities, which have already been implemented and are provided online, and simultaneously caters for the continuous development of new services. A fundamental principle towards the digital transformation of the country is the provision of all e-services from a central point, easily accessible, in a user-friendly manner, whereby the State provides instant service to the citizens.

In the context of the country’s Digital Transformation, the National Academy of Digital Skills (NADS) was created, an online portal that aims to provide access to knowledge necessary for the development of digital skills of citizens, both at personal and professional level. The National Academy of Digital Skills, developed by the Ministry of Digital Governance, is filled with training courses, from a variety of professional training providers in a wide range of subjects and topics of interest, and is offered free of charge for all users. GRNET is responsible for all content enrichment, development and promotion of NADS to all citizens.

GRNET produces added value in strengthening the role of the Public Sector, aiming to improve service provision for citizens and businesses.

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