GRNET at Education

Digital Innovation in Education

GRNET introduces new, advanced methods in the educational process that enhance the experience of students, faculty members and administrative personnel of Universities, Ecclesiastical Academies (EA) and other schools. Through constant development of e-services, GRNET offers modern solutions in areas such as education, students’ internship, student care, as well as in the organization and support of internal processes deployed by the educational institutions.

GRNET seamlessly provides a variety of key computing and networking services. Indicatively, some of the services developed and provided to the academic and research community include the availability of academic books (EUDOXUS), the election and development of University and EA professors of the country (APELLA), the support of a single academic identity card in a plastic or a smart card form (ACADEMIC IDENTITY), the support of Student Internship (ATLAS), the payment of the housing allowance, the creation of a wireless internet access roaming network (Eduroam), and the conducting of election processes by e-voting for elections of Rectors, single-member bodies and Directors of Clinics, Laboratories and Museums through ZEUS Digital Voting-Elections. Also, the implementation and operation of a system for direct, live and interactive access to audiovisual material of high cultural and scientific value (DIAVLOS) and a system for high quality and interactive web conferencing (e:Presence). It provides support at all levels –from Network Operation Centers (NOCs) to end users – responding and resolving promptly to all needs thus providing better service to all users (

GRNET infrastructures and services in the field of Education: