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GRNET “EUDOXUS” is an innovative online service for the immediate and integrated provision of university books to Higher Education students.

EUDOXUS was launched in the academic year 2010-2011 and it offers:

  • accurate online information about the pool of books that are available for each course
  • quick delivery of the books to the students
  • effective mechanisms for publishers’ compensation
  • parallel distribution of free e-books and notes
  • public resources’ abuse prevention
  • more transparency and less bureaucracy

The process

The process is fully automated, providing with multiple benefits for students, publishers and the institutions:

  • students receive their university books significantly faster and on time
  • minimized administrative effort for Secretariats of the University Departments
  • transactions between the Ministry of Education, Research & Religious Affairs and the Publishers are simplified
  • financial compensation of Publishers is accomplished immediately after the delivery of books
  • significant cost reduction as any fraud attempt in the whole process is fully monitored and controlled