GRNET and European Commission working meeting for Open Science in Athens, 15/9/2021

Glinos visit
The National Infrastructures for Research and Technology – GRNET S.A., operating under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Digital Governance, welcomed today September 15th, at its Athens premises, Dr. Konstantinos Glinos, Head of Unit for Open Science of the Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission.
The working meeting was attended by members of GRNET Board of Directors, President Prof. of NTUA, Stefanos Kollias, CEO Mr. Aristidis Sotiropoulos, Dr. Ognjen Prnjat, Director of European Projects and Infrastructures of GRNET and Open Science GRNET experts.
The main topic of discussion was the implementation of initiatives and actions for Open Science at national and European level, such as the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC). Dr. Glinos referred explicitly to the European Commission’s vision for Open Science. GRNET presented its role in promoting Open Science at national, regional and European level through the coordination and participation in a number of research projects and services it offers. GRNET is the main provider of e-Infrastructures and services for Open Science in Greece and a pioneer in a coordinated effort for the development of e-Infrastructures and services in Southeastern Europe. Through the European project NI4OS-Europe, which it coordinates, it actively supports 15 countries of South-Eastern Europe in their participation into the EOSC ecosystem, the creation of the National Open Science Cloud Initiatives, as well as their contribution to the EOSC service portfolio.
Open Science is an integral part of the Greek Digital Transformation Bible 2020-2025-National Agenda, within which is referred to as one of the accelerators of digital transformation, by the Ministry of Digital Governance. The “Bible” includes guiding principles such as strengthening national e-Infrastructures and services, connecting them to EOSC, Open Access to scientific publications, research data and software, and empowering the Greek research community with the necessary qualifications, digital skills and the adoption of Open Science at national level.
GRNET’s President, NTUA Prof. Stefanos Kollias, highlighted the systematic cooperation of GRNET with the European Commission in the field of Open Science, stating that “GRNET’s e-Infrastructures and services for research, and also its highly skilled professionals, specialised know-how and experience in the field of Open Science, have constituted GRNET for Greece, a reliable Open Science initiatives’ partner and supporter at European and South Eastern Europe in particular”.
The Head of Unit for Open Science of the European Commission, Mr. Konstantinos Glinos, stated that the practices of Open Science will improve the efficiency and reliability of scientific research, adding that “open science is also a better science”. He also referred to the prerequisites for the opening of science, meaning the reform of the evaluation criteria of research and researchers and the development of appropriate digital skills and data infrastructure (e.g. EOSC), while congratulating GRNET for its accomplishments  and pioneering role in the digital transformation of science.
Dr.. Ognjen Prnjat is honored to accept the exceptional invitation to become one of the two European Commission’s representatives in the Open Science Working Group for G7.
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