Since July 1995, GRNET is RIPE’s Local Internet Registry (LIR). The LIR mediates between GRNET’s customers and RIPE for applications requesting allocation of address space or autonomous system number. For “small” assignments of Provider Aggregate (PA) address space, the local registrar may directly assign a range of addresses that have been earmarked for this purpose by RIPE,  following the necessary procedures and updates the relevant assignments to RIPE’s database.

Τhe service activities include:

  • managing all resources assigned to GRNET (IPv4 and IPv6 addresses),
  • disseminating GRNET-Hostmaster activities through announcements
  • updating users about the rules governing the allocation of address space
  • maintaining the addressing policy for IPv4 and IPv6 address spaces
  • processing customers’ applications for allocation or return of IP addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) – Address Assignment – registration of the required objects to RIPE’s database – Creation of reverse delegation zones for the NS records that have been assigned
  • proxying for the allocation of AS Number to GRNET’s customers,
  • proxying for the allocation of Provider Independent address space to GRNET’s customers,
  • implementation of a “who is” service to serve queries about the current allocation of address spaces.

Eligible users

The service is addressed to either existing or newly connected to GRNET entities. The service targets primarily new entities which, if they do not own AS number yet, they should be allocated with one in order to enable BGP with GRNET, and be provided with IP address space (v4/v6) for their internal network. Furthermore, entities wishing to modify the aforementioned data, typically for extending their allocated address space are also eligible users of the service.

How to apply

Applications for the allocation or for the return of IP (v4 or v6) or allocation of public or private AS number can be done by completing the “IP and autonomous system number allocation form”. The form should be completed with accuracy and honesty in order to ensure quick processing of the application.

Entities requesting Provider Independent (PI) or a public AS number should sign (only once) a contract for the allocation and maintenance of the independent resources.

Operation policy

RIPE always reserves the right to assess if the allocation of the address space is done properly. If the required criteria are not met (compliance with RIPE’s regulations such as the maintenance of the necessary data to the who is database, or the use of address space based on the original plan outlined in the application, etc.), RIPE reserves the right to cancel the allocation.