White Areas

Εθνικο Προγραμμα Δημοσιων Επενδυσεων

WHITE AREAS -Access to the Greek, national, free-to-air television stations for permanent residents in areas without television coverage.  

The project "White Areas" undertakes to provide full television coverage of the Greek national free-to-air television stations across the Greek Territory. It focuses on ensuring free access to the domestic television product, by covering 3.8% of the population that remains excluded and is not covered by other actions.  

The purpose of the project is to provide television coverage to households located even in the most remote continental and island regions of the country, which present specific geomorphological features. The achievement of the above objective is governed by the following general principles:  

  • technological neutrality;
  • transparency;
  • ensuring healthy and effective competition for the benefit of the end user;
  • equal participation in communication and information.

The project will subsidize all those households located in areas without television coverage, while it will support any action that may contribute to the provision of the grant service to eligible citizens.  

The General Secretariat of Telecommunications and Posts (GGTT) with the Ministry of Digital Governance shall be responsible, according to Law 4563/2018 (Government Gazette 169 / A / 2018) and Law 4727/2020 (Government Gazette 184 / A / 2020), for the central coordination of the implementation of the project "Access to the Greek, national, free-to-air television stations for permanent residents in areas without television coverage". 

GRNET SA is assigned with the implementation of the project, under Law 4727/23.09.2020 "Digital Governance (Transposition in the Greek Legislation of EU Directive 2016/2102 and EU Directive 2019/1024) – On line Communications (Transposition in the Greek Law of EU Directive 2018/1972) and other provisions ". 

The beneficiaries of the project shall, therefore, gain for the first-time access to programs of the national free-to-air television channels, while they will become familiar with modern digital technologies and services. At the same time, the project shall indirectly help the electronic communications providers that will participate in the implementation of the action, whereas by supporting entrepreneurship in the communications sector will stimulate the local market and the region as a whole.  

Citizens across the country will now be able to enjoy free-to-air television programs, and the digital gap between geographical areas will be eliminated.  


Application Procedure for the Beneficiaries 

The application is submitted on-line by the interested party either personally or through the authorized Citizens' Service Center (KEP), subject to his/her authentication via relevant application of the Unified Digital Portal of Public Administration (gov.gr).  

During the online submission of the application, all data pertaining to the main and permanent residence of the applicant shall be obtained, through interoperability, from the databases of DEDDHE and AADE, thus significantly simplifying the evaluation process of the application by the Citizens' Service Center (KEP) of Municipalities. Through this new application process, presenting supporting documentation in hard copy is practically discontinued and citizens are served in a simple, user-friendly and efficient manner.  


For any clarification you may contact the helpdesk of the Action, Monday to Friday 09:00 - 17:00, at +30 215 215 7840 or via e-mail at support@tvcoverage.gr.