Operational Programme "Public Sector Reform"

Modernization of the network infrastructures of all the organizations of the academic and research community of the country

The HEPHAESTUS Action aims at modernizing the network infrastructure in 47 academic and research institutions across the country, offering to hundreds of thousands of users, from all the geographical regions of the country:

  • access to the GRNET network at gigabit speeds;
  • specialized IT services not offered by commercial networks today. 

Action axes

  • To upgrade the internal networks of the institutions (campus – building) and the access to GRNET.
    • Supply and installation of network equipment (switches and routers).
    • IRUs fiber optic infrastructure.
  • To supply and install wireless access equipment in the institutions premises.
  • To modernize the institutions communication services through network.
  • To bring automation in the management and operation of advanced infrastructures and services.
  • Flexible/automated advanced network infrastructure and services management software.
  • To support institutions in the management/operation of advanced infrastructure and services.
    • Support/assistance services aimed at: a) improving the operation of the institutions infrastructure and services and b) covering the know-how deficit of institutions.
  • To provide wireless network in student dormitories and connection to GRNET.
    • Improving the access of selected dormitories to the institutions via new radio links.


  • Automation in the management and operation of wired and wireless network infrastructure.
  • Optimization of the interoperability of the institutions’ networks with the GRNET network.
  • Enhancement of the cooperation capabilities of Greek researchers with respective groups internationally.
  • Achievement of economies of scale in the supply and long-term maintenance of infrastructures, as well as in the use of telecommunications services.
  • Enforcement of the potential for advanced scientific research.