Joint Press Release: Memorandum of Cooperation between GRNET and Phaistos Investment Fund

The Phaistos Investment Fund announces its collaboration with the National Network of Technology and Research Infrastructure (EDYTE – GRNET S.A.), entity of the Ministry of Digital Governance, following the signing of a Memorandum of Cooperation between the two parties on Friday 12/4/2024. The purpose of this collaboration is to exchange expertise, utilize infrastructure and services, as well as mutually exchange valuable knowledge in innovation and entrepreneurship within the framework of research projects, actions, and objectives.

The addition of GRNET to the Phaistos ecosystem provides its members with access to the state-of-the-art infrastructure of GRNET’s integrated technological environment (Cloud and Data Center infrastructures) and specialized expertise, enhancing their capabilities and potential in fostering innovation. GRNET’s services and infrastructures will be integrated into the resources of the Phaistos ecosystem, bolstering the means and skills of its members for research and development. This collaboration will lead to the creation of new products, services, and business models that would have been unattainable without GRNET’s involvement.

Finally, the collaboration between Phaistos and GRNET will create added value through the exchange of knowledge and best practices, as GRNET will provide advice to Phaistos in the context of examining investment proposals and contribute to the evaluation of applications and services.

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