GRNET participates in Potential project’s on-site meeting in Amsterdam, on November 28-29

GRNET participates at Potential project’s on-site meeting in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on November 28-29.

On the occasion of the 6th Executive Board meeting of the Consortium, a two-day seminar is being organized in Amsterdam to enable stakeholders from the 19 participating European Union Member States and Ukraine to discuss the EU Digital Wallet – EUDIW- technical requirements, finalize business requirements for the project’s 6 pilot use cases and have a recap of the first project quarter.

Within the project, GRNET is fully involved in EU digital wallet pilot use cases concerning: e-identification for using digital services on, opening a bank account, registering a mobile phone SIM card, online car rental using electronic driving licence credentials, remote authorised digital signature, and e-prescription.

More information on the project here.