GRNET supports GRNOG!


GRNET – National Infrastructures for Research and Technology, actively supports and participates in the Greek Network Operators Group! GRNOG is a strong human network of professionals working together for the evolution and growth of the Greek Internet. They are involved in the design, implementation, provisioning and operation of Greek Internet services, networks and infrastructure.
GRNET is the national network, cloud computing and IT eInfrastructure and services provider, supporting hundreds of thousands of users in the key areas of Research, Education, Health and Culture. It also acts in an advisory capacity to the Ministry of Digital Governance in designing advanced information systems and infrastructures, contributing in a decisive manner to the country’s digital transformation by providing technological studies and analysis, tailor made solutions and specialized know-how.
At GRNET, we constantly seek for innovation and excellence in the services we deliver to our communities. We invest in our staff knowledge and expertise and we encourage their development through collaboration and team work. GRNOG facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences among professionals with common technical interests, and we are delighted to be a member of it! As a result, we support our people to attend the technical meetings organized by GRNOG and consistently contribute to its knowledge base and mailing list.
The benefits of joining GRNOG are manifold:

  • it provides opportunities to collaborate and brainstorm with experts from companies, bodies and parties related to the Greek Internet
  • members can participate in GRNOG meetings, events and activities that facilitate exchange of knowledge and information
  • it facilitates the development of tools, policies, practices and means of communication for day-to-day operations and long-term design and planning
  • it promotes Greek and global Internet developments, emerging technologies, best operating practices and standards

If you want to join this amazing community, visit GRNOG website and find out how to register!