A virtual private network treats private leased lines using a public network (typically the internet) as infrastructure. In this way, networks that are geographically dispersed behave as if connected by leased lines. GRNET provides VPN service using MPLS technology that allows for the creation of Level 2 or 3 virtual private networks. Level 2 services are defined between two points and simulate the connection of these points on the same physical media. Level 3 services are provided between any two or more points and simulate the connection of these points to the same IP broadcast domain.

Eligible Users

The service is aimed at entities connected to GRNET that wish to interconnect their networks, which are distributed in different geographic locations. Also, the service can be used to create virtual private network among different actors in order to facilitate the implementation of experiments or projects.

The provision of the service requires that the operator is linked with GRNET through Ethernet technology. Multipoint VPN service is not yet available in all parts of the network.