National Blood Donor Registry

The National Blood Donor Registry is the first integrated, state-of-the art and user-friendly system for managing blood donations in Greece that that facilitates both the blood donors and the staff of the blood transfusion units in the country. The e-registry is complemented with the issuance and provision of blood donors ID cards, thus simplifying the procedure, parallel to ensuring highest safety for blood quality and its derivatives.

The service is provided using GRNET computing infrastructure, and in collaboration with the National Blood Centre it tackles chronic problems in the area of blood donation (e.g. fragmented blood donors records).

The National Blood Donor Registry:

  • increases safety and quality of blood and its components
  • allows for consolidating and utilizing statistics through modern tools that facilitates decision-making for the benefit of the citizens
  • sets the framework for raising public awareness, inspiring and attracting new donors, and encouraging volunteering