Virtual Machines. Access to shared computing and network resources, for hosting services’ production or for experimental purposes.

ViMa  (Virtual Machines) service provides access to shared computing and network resources, which can be exploited for hosting the production of services or for experimental purposes. The service is addressed to the network management centers (Network Operations Centers – NOC) of the GRNET interconnected institutions, or to laboratories involved in national or European funded projects and have short-term needs in computational resources.

In order to ensure high availability, the service is hosted on blade computer cluster while for safe data storage an external SAN unit is used. The network infrastructure provides seamless interconnection to the backbone network and the commercial internet at very high speeds.

The service is supported by multitude benefits, tailored to the specific needs of the potential users. Users are able to render IP addresses for their institutions on virtual machines using L2VPN, including IPv6 addresses.

The implementation of the service is based exclusively on open source software.

Virtual Machines