GRNET offers innovative Cloud Computing services (dynamic and on-demand available computing / network / storage resources) to all members of the research and academic community. The services are offered in the form of Infrastracture as a Service (IaaS), under the brand name ~ okeanos. By using ~ okeanos, any academic user can create a multi-layer virtual infrastructure, combining simple virtual building blocks: hundreds of virtual machines can be activated in just a few seconds through virtual networks on random topologies, while data storage is feasible either on virtual drives or cloud object storage.

~okeanos IAAS


In October 2013 GRNET became the first European body that offers public cloud computing services to the European research and academic community through ~okeanos-global service. ~okeanos global pilot service runs over GÉANT, the pan-European research network. Hundreds of thousands of academic users have the ability to create and use virtual resources, through eduGAIN, the pan-european certification platform.



In October 2017 the new ~okeanos-knossos cloud service has been launched, hosted in GRNET’s new datacenter in Knossos, Crete. ~okeanos-knossos service offers:

  • virtual machines with upgraded processing and memory features
  • high-speed 10Gbit ethernet connection
  • new storage system (userspace rbd with cache) with improved performance


More information is available at the okeanos service website.