Amazon Web Services (AWS)

The National Infrastructures for Research and Technology (GRNET) is expanding its portfolio of cloud computing services currently offered to the research and academic community by including access to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Members of the Greek research and academic community can now apply for resources and services included in the full AWS catalogue.

An application can be submitted via email to The message request should include:

  • Description of the request’s purpose. The description should include the project’s name and summary.
  • Name and capacity of the scientific supervisor.
  • Institution or laboratory that will use the resources.
  • Duration of resources usage, which should be up to six  months, with the possibility to renew.
  • Estimated cost of services. The estimate will be derived using the AWS Pricing Calculator and the corresponding link will be included in the email.

Important Dates: Applications can be submitted until 31/03/2024, for project durations up to six months, with the possibility of renewal. Applications will be handled as they come, before the end of the deadline (First Come, First Served basis).

Budget: Project applications for grants are able to request to acquire the use of AWS services worth from minimum €2,500.00 up to €300,000.00. Upon GRNET’s approval of the requested amount, the amount granted to the project will be available to the scientific supervisor for the use of the specified AWS resources and services.

The Scientific Supervisor: will have full discretion to manage the granted amount on the AWS infrastructure, as well as full responsibility for the use of resources and services, data management, etc.

Any research publications resulting from the specific granted services, should cite that “the resources were granted with the support of GRNET”, and the data of the publications (citation records) should be sent to GRNET at the email: