Computing system for the fair conduct of digital private polls

GRNET “ZEUS” is a computing system that ensures the fair conduct of digital private polls. Both the preparation of the voting from each authority, and the submission of votes, are carried out remotely.

Access to ZEUS system is feasible via a simple web browser, and it is as secure as electronic financial transactions. The integrity of the voting is mathematically verifiable by anyone through the use of cryptography, and without any breach of confidentiality.

The voting procedure is as follows:

  • The authority that calls for the election shall prepare the ballot papers and the list of voters and appoints the election committee. The list of voters consists of their names and their email addresses.
  • Voters receive an email message to vote. The message contains a link that leads to the digital screen for voting. This is activated as soon as the Electoral Commission launches the voting procedure.
  • The Electoral Commission is responsible for launching and concluding the voting procedure, and sets the time frame of the elections
  • Participants vote within the defined time frame, and receive a digital proof of their participation in the election process
  • The electoral committee initiates the process of the automatic counting of votes.

The secrecy of voting lies in the responsibility of the Electoral Committee, and is practically guaranteed as long as there is only one honest member in the committee.



More information is available at the ZEUS service website.