Electronic interlibrary loan service

DIADOSIS is an electronic interlibrary loan service that provides to public hospitals’ staff access to full text medical journal articles for the conduct of their research activity. Users can access the service by using their institutional accounts (without requiring separate registration), via GRNET “Delos” Federation – Authentication and authorization Infrastructure (AAI).

DIADOSIS delivers electronically medical journals’ articles of the HEAL-link Association subscriptions to eligible regional hospitals that are non-members. Thereby significantly reducing the high cost of participation for hospitals, as it is not required to pay for annual membership dues, while avoiding obstacles that arise from the terms of agreements with publishers / providers of electronic resources.

DIADOSIS ensures the protection of scientific publications and sources copyright, as agreed upon the conventions of HEAL-link with publishers. The software that is used has been developed by the Library of the CNR (National Research Council) Research Area of Bologna, it has been serving the interlibrary loan between libraries in Italy and library consortia for the last twelve years and is used by more than 700 libraries and over 15,000 users.



More information is available at the DIADOSIS service website