Facilitating the election & promotion of the Academic Institutions’ faculty members.

GRNET “APELLA” is an internet service that facilitates the election and promotion of the faculty members of the Greek Academic Institutions. The organization and monitoring process, as well as the publication of the election / promotion proceedings are feasible via this integrated electronic management system.

The selection and promotion of teachers is carried out by a committee that consists of 7 members, including professors or researchers. When electing / promoting assistant or deputy professors, the members of the committee may be deputy professors or assistant researchers.

The committee is convened after the submission of nominations for each position.

The committee selects the most suitable candidate and a runner up and composes a report, reasoning the election, which will be acknowledged to the Institution’s Rector. The assignment of the new faculty member is concluded within a two-month period, by the Rector.

The whole process is completed within the deadline set by each Institution.

The organization, monitoring and disclosure of the election processes, is materialized only the APELLA integrated management system.



More information is available at the APELLA service website.