Academic ID

GRNET leverages its computing infrastructure and in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs it has developed central electronic services for the use of the academic identity in plastic or smart card. It can cover multiple academic purposes for all members of the Greek institutions of higher education (University students, teaching staff, administrative officers and technical staff, etc.), as well as members of research institutions (research, administrative and technical staff).

The new identity has strong mechanical features that ensure security against forgery. Each institution can build new identities to develop new services and applications, in order to better serve the owners.

In the academic year 2014-2015 the identity was issued to 110.604 students, while 103.606 students have received the current academic year’s card.

The initiative contributes to the modernization of the academic procedures and services provided to students, as well as to the optimization of the use of public funds and resources.


More information is available at the Academic ID service website.