Firewall as a Service

Multifunctional security gateway filtering cyber malicious traffic

Firewall as a Service is GRNET’s cloud-based solution for preventing and protecting against Internet malware.

The service offers a new generation firewall, using shared computer and network resources of the GRNET infrastructure. It is flexible and tailored to the needs of each connected institution, which the ability to send part or all of the traffic to it.

The service offers:

  • Data and application filtering
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Protection against denial of service attacks, distributed or not (DoS / DDoS mitigation)
  • VPN for remote access to internal networks behind the firewall

In addition, with the acquisition of the service, the operator has at its disposal a tool with advanced features such as vulnerability assessments, event correlation, analysis and display of network threats, display of resources of managed devices, as well as the ability to notify the administrator wherever any intervention is required.