HORIZON 2020 / European Commission
1/11/2019- 31/3/2023

The eSSIF-Lab project aims at developing applications based on the Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) approach, a new method that solves a multitude of problems concerning the privacy of European citizens. More specifically, it is a lab-to-market project where partners shall use most of the EU funding to launch targeted calls for actions and funding that in return will aim at developing such applications by other organizations. The 4 partners shall oversee the procedures at all levels. At the same time, an SSI framework shall be developed to support the new applications.  

GRNET will mainly contribute to the design and development of the support platform for the applications that will be developed. GRNET shall also undertake the technical control of the applications and the technical support of the partners that will receive funding. Support will include cutting-edge techniques, such as continuous integration and continuous deployment.