A Comprehensive Report on the EuroQCI Thematic Working Group Meeting (ETWG) in Brussels

Executive Summary
The EuroQCI Thematic Working Group (ETWG) meeting held in Brussels on November 7-9, 2023, brought together key players in the quantum communication landscape, marking an important momentum for the #EuroQCI initiative. The meeting, organised by the CSA PETRUS project at the premises of the European Commission, aimed at fostering collaboration and generating insights to support the implementation of the EuroQCI initiative. 

HellasQCI – a project coordinated by GRNET and a significant contributor to this initiative – actively participated in various Working Groups, making substantial contributions to policy and technical discussions.

HellasQCI at the ETWG
HellasQCI participation at the ETWG reaffirmed the commitment shown by project partners in building the EuroQCI and shaping the future of quantum communication in Europe.

HellasQCI was represented in the working groups by the Coordinator Dr. Ilias Papapastamatiou, GRNET, Technical Coordinator Prof. George Kanellos, NKUA, Homer Papadopoulos, NCSRD and Giannis Giannoulis, ICCS/GRNET. HellasQCI project team provided valuable feedback at several Working Groups such as Roadmap, Use Cases, QKD Landscape, Architecture, Interoperability and Standards.  

Outcome and Achievements
The collaborative efforts of all stakeholders showcased a shared commitment to making EuroQCI a reality and helped in making considerable progress towards implementing the EuroQCI initiative. 

The momentum gained from this meeting reinforces Greece’s project actions on cyber-resilience and fortifies the security of sensitive data and critical infrastructure.

George Kanellos, NTUA, HellasQCI Technical Coordinator – Felix Wissel, Deutsche Telekom, Germany, CSA PETRUS  – Ilias Papastamatiou, GRNET, HellasQCI Coordinator – Eleni Diamanti, CNRS  –  Hannes Hube, AIT, QCICat Coordinator – Deirdre Kilbane,WIT,  IrelandQCI Coordinator –  Vincente Martin, CCS, SpainQCI 
George Kanellos, NTUA, HellasQCI Technical Coordinator, Giannis Giannoulis, ICCS, HellasQCI – Piotr Rydlichowski PSNC, Pioneer-Q Coordinator- Homer Papadopoulos, NCSR “DEMOKRITOS”  – Ilias Papastamatiou, GRNET,  HellasQCI Coordinator – Felix Wissel, Deutsche Telekom, Germany – Keith Elder, Deutsche Telekom , CSA PETRUS Coordinator