GRNET participates in EOSC Symposium 23

The annual EOSC Symposium will take place in Madrid, on September 20-22.  In this year’s event, stakeholders from ministries, policy makers, research organisations, service providers, research infrastructures and research communities, will exchange information on all the latest news and developments regarding the European Open Science Cloud.  The event will also act as a platform to showcase the achievements and result in related EOSC projects, such as EOSC Future. 

GRNET participates in a number of sessions. : Themis Zamani, Head of Unit for Implementation, European Infrastructures and Projects Directorate, will chair  the session about Persistent Identifiers  (link)  where she will also talk about  the work and achievements and the challenges of the EOSC Association Task Force PID Policy and Implementation, while Kostas Koumantaros, Head of Strategy and Proposals Unit,  European Infrastructures and Projects Directorate, will talk about the Regional and National initiatives participating in the EOSC Federation (link) in the session that presents the state of the art of the EOSC Core and the plans for its evolution.  He will also contribute  to the session that explores the definition and role of EOSC Nodes and their relationship with the EOSC Platform and various stakeholders (link). 

Detailed programme of the event can be found here