HPC – High Performance Computing

GRNET national HPC ARIS (Advanced Research Information System) Infrastructure provides state-of-the-art supercomputing capabilities for large-scale scientific applications .

ARIS is built on IBM NeXtScale platform and Intel® Xeon® E5 v2 processors (Ivy Bridge). System theoretical peak performance exceeds 190 TFlops (trillion floating point operations per second). The system houses 426 nodes, offering a total of over 8500 processing CPU cores, interconnected using Infiniband FDR fabric, a technology offering very low latency and  high bandwidth. The infrastructure is complemented with a 1 Petabyte (quadrillion bytes) high performance storage system of, which is built on the IBM Elastic Cloud – the successor of IBM’s Parallel File System (General Parallel File System – GPFS). Finally, the system includes software for developing applications such as compilers, scientific libraries and popular suites of scientific applications.

Regarding security, the system offers full redundancy with each server to have dual power supply, and there is an integrated UPS installation in a separate room which ensures the uninterrupted operation of the server for 15 minutes, which is enough time for closing the system safely in the event of power failure.

HPC - High Performance Computing