GRNET offers innovative Cloud Computing services (dynamic and on-demand available computing / network / storage resources) to all members of the research and academic community. The services are offered in the form of Infrastracture as a Service (IaaS), under the brand name ~ okeanos. By using ~ okeanos, any academic user can create a multi-layer virtual infrastructure, combining simple virtual building blocks: hundreds of virtual machines can be activated in just a few seconds through virtual networks on random topologies, while data storage is feasible either on virtual drives or cloud object storage.

Features of the service:


  • central support services (such as storage service)
  • virtual interface for data processing (virtual machines using cloud computing technology)
  • advanced conferencing services
  • scientific research sharing with Web 2.0 technologies
  • easy Web access to multimedia content of academic interest
  • remote and environmental friendly interconnection of computing infrastructure, over GRNET optical fiber network.



okeanos2In October 2013 GRNET became the first European body that offers public cloud computing services to the European research and academic community through its new service ~okeanos-global. The ~okeanos global pilot service runs over GÉANT, the pan-European research network. Hundreds of thousands of academics users have the ability to create and use virtual resources, through eduGAIN, the pan-european certification platform.Lats, the European research community can use “Synnefo” software, through which other IaaS services have been established, similar to ~ okeanos.