DOLFIN - Data Centres Optimization for Energy-Efficient and EnvironmentalLy Friendly INternet

GRNET participates in EC FP7 DOLFIN project that addresses the demand/response and energy stabilization scenario of the Smart Grid by optimizing the energy consumption of Data Centres (DC), accompanied, if necessary, with a respective negotiation and readjustment of the DC’s Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Today, most Data Centers are cloud computing infrastructure which provide services in the form of virtual machines (Virtual Machines – VMs). Dolfin intends to model and record energy consumption in them, in order to allow seamless and autonomous migration of virtual machines within the same or between different energy efficient Data Centers.

With the approach of Dolfin, individual servers in each Data Center can be deactivated while minimizing energy consumption, while the dynamic management of active servers will help stabilize energy allocation in Smart Grids.