Copernicus Space Component Data Access Bridge

Copernicus Space Component Data Access Bridge

The “Copernicus Space Component Data Access Bridge” project has been assigned to a consortium of 5 partners by the European Space Agency (ESA). The project concerns the access of international organizations and users across the globe to the European programme Copernicus data.

The project aims to provide (a) the continuity of the different data access services currently running in ESA Copernicus operations framework, and (b) expansion of access services.

GRNET participates in this project as a subcontractor of Serco S.p.A. GRNET is assigned with the monitoring of technical progress regarding the “DHuS Operational Centre B”. GRNET is the infrastructure provider of “DHuS Operational Centre B”, offering the required storage capacity, as well as virtual machines and networks hosting services. In addition, GRNET has the responsibility of planning, developing and monitoring their technical components. In the context of the expansion of the current storage capacity for “Sentinel-5P”, hosted in “GRNET Knossos” data center, GRNET will provide “Sentinel-5P” with four storage hubs, and cater for procurement, installation, operation and maintenance.  

GRNET’ s participation in this project follows the previous cooperation with Serco S.p.A. in the context of the “Sentinels Rolling Archive Products User Access, Operations, Maintenance and Evolutions (2015-2020)” project funded by ESA.

Website: https://s5phub.copernicus.eu/ 



The project consortium consists of the following 5 partners: SERCO (main contractor), EXPRIVIA S.p.A., GAEL Systems, GRNET S.A., National Observatory of Athens (NOA)