Business structure

GRNET Board of Directors

GRNET Board of Directors is the supreme governing body that decides on strategic management matters, except issues that lie in the exclusive competence of the General Assembly. The Board mainly sets the strategies and policies for GRNET development, seeks and ensures key funding sources, supervises and manages the company’s assets. It also promotes the national and European dimension of GRNET. The Board consists of nine members and its mandate is four years.

The Chairman of the Board represents the company in Greece and abroad, in Greek, European or International Organizations of any kind. He is responsible for the meetings of the Board of Directors and coordinates its activities.

The Chief Executive Officer is the company’s senior executive. He manages the company overall activity, monitors its operation, informs the Board of Directors, and heads its staff.

Stefanos Kollias, Professor, National Technical University of Athens
Aristeidis Sotiropoulos, GRNET – National Infrastructures for Research and Technology
Deputy Chairman
Athanassios Kakarountas, Assistant Professor, University of Thessaly
Theoni Alabasi, Lawyer
Athena Vakali, Professor, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
Konstantinos Alketas Ugrinis, Professor, Technical University of Crete
Caterina Pramatari, Associate Professor, Athens University of Economics and Business
Constantinos Tzamaloukas, National Technical University of Athens
Evangelia Athanasaki, GRNET – National Infrastructures for Research and Technology